More on the Texas Textbook Controversy

The Washington Post reports:

Because the Texas textbook market is so large, books assigned to the state’s 4.7 million students often rocket to the top of the market, decreasing costs for other school districts and leading them to buy the same materials.

Historian Eric Foner sat down with Stephen Colbert to discuss the Texas Board of Education’s recently approved changes to social studies curriculum.  Watch Foner and Colbert here!

Read Foner’s full article in The Nation: “Twisting History in Texas”

Sign a petition here: CREDO action

— Rosamund Hunter

One thought on “More on the Texas Textbook Controversy

  1. This Texas thing with books has always fascinated me ever since I saw a book on the shelf that looked *exactly* like the one I had purchased, except it said “Texas Edition” on it. I thought that was odd, because it was a book on teaching mathematics, and I joked with myself if that meant math was different in Texas than for those not living in Texas. Anyway, I quickly educated myself on the matter because I soon started seeing history books, and other books that mentioned Texas. It’s fascinating, especially the video discussion (mentioned above). I just finished watching it. Thank you for an informative article.

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