Music, Feminism & Women’s History Month

It’s clear that at Sarah Lawrence College, Women’s History month was all about the intersections of music and feminism this year. So in honor of the last day of Women’s History month (which also happens to be César Chávez Day and International Transgender Day of Visibility) I want to direct you to a blog I love about the intersections of feminism and music, called Rock and the Single Girl.

I met blogger Jamielynn Varriale through my friends who worked with her at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. She is a super-smart Queens native who is currently at SUNY Albany expecting a Ph.D. in Spanish, History, and Culture. One of the ways I think Jamie is really special is that she writes with a critical lens on important issues, but always makes her points accessible to her readers. She manages to comment on subcultural happenings, like women in the Brooklyn punk scene, and relate these to gender issues in rock music at large.

As I moderated the Riot Grrrl panel at Sarah Lawrence’s 12th Annual Women’s History Conference: “The Message is in the Music”, I was able to see Jamie bring her work to life. She discussed Corin Tucker, lead singer of all-girl band Sleater-Kinney, and her some 125-song repertoire. I watched Jamie narrate her Powerpoint presentation while fellow Corin Tucker fan-girls as well as folks who had never heard of her listened intently.

On an exciting note, Jamie wrote a few blog posts inspired by her experience at Sarah Lawrence here. Feel free to leave us comments with your favorite links about music and feminism below.

— Kate Wadkins

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