This Week: Rape in the Congo, Antichoice TV & more

Some 200 Women Gang-Raped Over Four Days Near UN Base

Huffington Post: “Civil society leader Charles Masudi Kisa said there were only about 25 peacekeepers and that they did what they could against some 200 to 400 rebels who occupied the town of about 2,200 people and five nearby villages.”

Marginalized folks shouldn’t always have to be the “bigger person”

What Tami Said: “And women, people of color and other groups learn early to pick their battles, lest they be branded bitter, angry or over-sensitive. There are just some dull aches that have to be swallowed. We try to pick our battles strategically, but it is stressful and ultimately soul-destroying to have to work so hard to ignore so much—to constantly be forced to show benevolence in the face of rude and dehumanizing treatment.”

On ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Abortion Goes Stigma Primetime

The Nation: “What the antichoice characters on the show want is exactly what their real-life counterparts want: to deny women any information that could help them obtain an abortion and to prevent them from getting one.”

South Pakistan floods displace a million in 48 hours

BBC News: “Further north, floodwaters are starting to recede, revealing the full extent of the damage caused by the disaster that has affected some 17 million people.”

Ho Hum, Ken Mehlman’s Gay

Transgriot: “So yeah, while there may be a few people like the Log Cabin Republican and GOPProud sellouts immediately embracing him with open arms, there will be more than a few people in GL world giving him cross eyed looks and a lot of grief for a while…And that’s just the white GLBT people.”

New Life In US No Longer Means New Name

New York Times: “Precise comparative statistics are hard to come by, and experts say there was most likely no one precise moment when the practice fell off. It began to decline within the last few decades, they say, and the evidence of its rarity, if not formally quantified, can be found in almost any American courthouse.”

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