This Week: Female Sexuality as Insanity, Birthright Citizenship & more

Glass ceiling for female Hill aides?

Politico: “In general, women have traditionally had little problem securing employment on the Hill, especially entry-level positions. But in more advanced positions, including legislative director and chief of staff, their numbers drop off significantly.”

“Colorblindness,” “Illuminated Individualism,” Poor Whites, and Mad Men: The Tim Wise Interview, Part 2

Racialicious: “Illuminated individualism is really just a fancy term for progressive color-consciousness: a kind of color conscious mentality that leads us to take account of how color has shaped the experiences of others, and ourselves. So in terms of employment, this means adopting the mindset that when evaluating job applicants, we need to understand how things like on-paper credentials have been shaped (and mis-shapen) by the unequal opportunity structure.”

Female Sexuality As Insanity

The Atlantic: “Here’s a cool video of Rachel Maines discussing a time when the sexual desires of women were, quite literally, considered a mental disorder. Hysteria, they called it. Watch it and learn, fellas. And though Maines is snickering the whole way through, you better not.”

What Are Words Worth?

The Nation: “Like [Glenn] Beck today, Goldwater framed the government as the enemy of the people. Like Beck, Goldwater had the full-throated support of a significant group of white Americans who shuddered as they faced the changing social, political and racial landscape. Like Beck, Goldwater appealed to base impulses in American public discourse. Like Beck, Goldwater frightened liberals to their core. Now take a deep breath and recall that Johnson won the 1964 election. Less than a year later he signed the 1965 Voting Rights Act, ushering in a new era of full citizenship for black Americans.”

Teresa Lewis, Mentally Disabled Woman, To Be Executed In Virginia This Month

Huffington Post: “Since the 2002 verdict, new evidence about Lewis and the gunmen has emerged that raises questions about whether she was fairly sentenced and whether, after already having lost one appeal, the Supreme Court should reopen her case.”

Why Repealing Birthright Citizenship Is More Difficult Than You Think

Latino Like Me: “The only reason this “movement” has seemingly become so successful is because politicians–from Lindsay Graham to John McCain–are spouting off about “anchor babies” and the reasonableness of having hearings on repealing jus soli. But these politicians know the process that is required of such a move. They know it has no chance of passing, let alone ever being considered by the House or Senate under this (or any recent) configuration. So why doth they protest?”

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