Two events at Sarah Lawrence! Mimosa Brunch & Jessie Ramey Speaks

Thursday, September 23, 6:00PM
at the Wrexham Living Room

The Women’s History Graduate Program Presents:

A Child Care Crisis: Black and White Working Parents and the History of Orphanages: A Talk by Jessie Ramey ‘01

Despite our Charles Dickens-like cultural memory of orphanages as grim repositories of parentless children, most “orphans” at the turn of the twentieth century had one, and sometimes two, living parents. Reeling from the effects of the new urban, industrial economy, working-class families often confronted overlapping stressors, from low wages and factory accidents, to inadequate housing and the loss of a spouse, any of which could plunge them into a childcare crisis. Dr. Ramey’s research re-conceptualizes orphanages as a form of childcare, examining the way that working parents used the institutions as a family survival strategy from the 1880s through the 1920s.

The Graduate Student Senate is proud to sponsor:


PEER-TO-PEER WORK (details below)

So here’s the big idea:

1. We’re all trying to get published (be it in a literary journal, a science journal, a magazine or a humble New Yorker cover story)

2. A large portion of publishing is researching potential publications to find who’s publishing work similar to yours.

3. We’re interested in helping each other out. And

4. Mimosas are awesome

After collecting this information the Graduate Student Senate events committee decided to put together the monthly publication brunch. Here’s how it works:

1. Read 1 publication that you normally wouldn’t
2. Develop an understanding, or at least a guess, of what unifies or distinguishes the work they’re putting out
3. Prepare a short (really short, this can even just be notes) presentation of the publication for the group
4. Come prepared to eat, share, and learn

…and drink mimosas

This is the first of the series, and we’d love to make it a Sarah Lawrence Grad Program tradition, so tell everyone in your program and then we’ll collaboratively increase publication credits within the Sarah Lawrence graduate community, enrich the value of our program degrees, and all get jobs when we graduate.

Hope to see you there,
– Kevin, Pete, & the Graduate Student Senate

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