MTV News: Dan Savage Explains Why He Started ‘It Gets Better’ Project

James Montgomery at MTV News explains columnist Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project and what it may mean for Queer and Questioning teens around the world:

Last Thursday, in his syndicated sex-advice column “Savage Love,” Dan Savage wrote about the case of Billy Lucas, a 15-year-old high school student in Indiana who committed suicide after being taunted by his classmates for being gay.

In the column — titled “Give ‘Em Hope,” from a quote by openly gay politician Harvey Milk — Savage, himself an openly gay man, lamented that he couldn’t have sat down with Lucas, even for five minutes, and told him “however bad things were, however isolated and alone he was, it gets better.”

But then he realized that, while it was too late to talk to Billy Lucas, it wasn’t too late to talk to the millions of kids just like him. So, right then and there, he and his husband decided to do just that.

Read the whole story, here.

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