Glenn Beck’s Historian Smears Gay Community with Distorted Data

I usually try to avoid reading, watching, or listening to anything that has to do with Glenn Beck. But the title of this article piqued my interest (the words “historian” and “distorted data” in one sentence might have something to do with it), so I decided to give it a read and thought it was worth sharing.

Here’s an excerpt from Alvin McEwen’s article, which was featured on AlterNet:

David Barton is a so-called historian who has been a guest on Glenn Beck’s show on numerous occasions. I guess that speaks to his “veracity,” or lack thereof.

Indeed, Media Matters has documented his errors on more than one occasion. Also according to writer Chris Rodda, Barton has no credentials to speak of:

. . . many people have been pointing out that he has no degree in history. His educational credentials consist of a B.A. in religious education from Oral Roberts University, and an honorary doctorate from Pensacola Christian College

As for myself, I seldom paid attention to Barton, though I am aware of his exploits with the Texas school board (Rodda’s article is an excellent read). However, my interest perked up today I read that he choose to say a bunch of highly inaccurate things about the lgbt community.

According to People for the American Way’s Religious Right Watch, Barton and Rick Green of Wallbuilders was discussing the so-called need to “regulate homosexual behavior” on the radio today. That was when Barton choose to spin his anti-gay yarn.

You can read the full article here.

-Nydia Swaby

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