This Week: Mothers in Prison, Women & Economics, & more

New report on the treatment of mothers and pregnant women in U.S. prisons
Feministing: “According to the report, there are more women behind bars than ever before in U.S. history and, thanks to the mandatory sentencing laws of the war on drugs, the majority of those women are non-violent, first-time offenders. They are also mothers. Two-thirds of women in prison have at least one child under age 18.”

Rachel Maddow Breaks Down How the Racist Political Past is Present
Colorlines: “This election season we’ve seen political candidates drop offensive racially charged comments with such casual impunity that cataloguing them all, let alone mustering up the anger to react, has become a daunting task. But last night Rachel Maddow summarized this election cycle in a historical context that made for must-see TV.”

Americans Say Religious Messages Fuel Negative Views of Gays
Huffington Post: “Nearly three-quarters of Americans (72 percent) say religious messages about homosexuality contribute to “negative views” of gays and lesbians, and nearly two-thirds (65 percent) see a connection to higher rates of suicide among gay youths.”

White House Promotes Economic Efforts For Women
New York Times: “The report, whose tone was less partisan, noted that women were now 47 percent of all workers, 60 percent of part-time workers, 51 percent of managers and 57 percent of undergraduate students. But nearly a half-century after the Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963, women earn 77 cents for every dollar paid to men — a gap that has changed little over the past decade.”

Is The African American Woman’s Womb Dangerous?
Yeah She Said It: “They left it too open for assumption by stating that an African American woman’s womb is dangerous. In this regard they transcended discussing abortions and African Americans.  Instead they went straight into labeling African American mothers as ‘dangerous’ mothers.”

White House Reaches Out to Women Voters
Politico: “Women constitute a majority of the electorate, tend to vote Democratic and, according to recent polls, are much less enthusiastic about Election Day than Republican men are. The president’s latest campaign tour tacitly acknowledges that last fact: His schedule begins with a backyard chat with female voters in Washington state and ends with a rally for Democratic Sen. Patty Murray in Seattle.”

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