Racialicious Introduces Culturelicious

We at RE/VISIONIST are big fans of Racialicious, a blog that focuses on the intersection of race and pop culture.  Editor Latoya Peterson summarizes their new project, Culturelicious:

When I first described the idea to Arturo, it took me close to ten minutes to relate my frustration with our limitations, the problems with our ever growing inbox, the desire to expand our content mix, and the ultimate goal of creating a space which showcased the work and creations of artists and creators of color.

Arturo thought for a minute, then summed up the entire project in one sentence:

“So, if Racialicious is the adversary, Culturelicious is the advocate.”

Racialicious focuses on pop culture critique and essays on identity. This tends to serve us pretty well. But over the last couple of years, we’ve noticed a huge glaring gap in our content – arts and culture reviews. This is partially because a volunteer blog relies on people to volunteer to review/write about a piece and that can be a pretty lengthy commitment.

Peterson goes on to explain more specifically some of the books, television series, films, comics (and more!) that Racialicious would like to tackle and review but has little resources to do so.  She then introduces the $2 challenge to readers:

As part of the $2 challenge, we will create some posts around Culturelicious, which take a deeper look at art and media, and create a different type of content dynamic for the site.

If you’d like to see more, please help us by pledging your support.  We’re asking everyone for $2 – but feel free to give more! – which will go a long way in helping the blog reach its goals.

We hope some of our readers consider this challenge.  Please make your $2 pledge here.

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