This Week: The Racial Politics of Personal Space, Defending the Secession, & more

“He Needed a Girl, and He Snatched Me Up”
American Prospect: “It’s not just the exclusive all-male, all-white clubs or obvious hate-speech but the kind of casual privilege that lets an older, white man touch a younger, black female in a sexual way, and that dictates her continued politeness in the face of such an obvious invasion.”

Art and Activism Come Together to Make DREAM a Reality
ColorLines: “Through campaigns such as Alto Arizona, Wordstrike and Soundstrike, artists were able to engage creatively in fighting the unlawful treatment of immigrants. And even though much activism has moved online, the power of the poster is never going away—it’s just in downloadable form now. ”

Randall Terry and Crew Met With Boehner’s Chief of Staff
Right Wing Watch: “And Terry apparently issued some big demands for Boehner and the Republicans now that they have taken control of the House—the complete end of abortion in America.”

Celebrating Secession Without the Slaves
New York Times: “He said he was dumbfounded by ‘all of this glamorization and sanitization of what really happened.’ When Southerners refer to states’ rights, he said, ‘they are really talking about their idea of one right — to buy and sell human beings.'”

Alastair Macauley Says Ballerina ‘Looked As If She’d Eaten One Too Many Sugar Plums”
Huffington Post: “New York Times critic Alastair Macaulay recently reviewed ‘George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker’ and he took what could be interpreted as a jab at one ballerina’s weight—and she’d previously left the ballet due to struggles with her body image.”

If You’re Black in Philly, Every Day Is a TSA Day “Further, unlike the understandably disgruntled  folks who believe the airport invasion of privacy is an outrage, black folks in Philly don’t have the option of opting out. If you’re black or Latino and walking down a Philadelphia street, you’re fair game.”

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