New: Libby K Likes To Play

Check out this new sex blog, Libby K Likes To Play. Here’s an introduction from the author:

I wanted to start by introducing myself. I am a mid twenties lady living in Brooklyn, NY. I am a cis-gendered woman, who identifies as queer, and is currently in a monogamous relationship with a cis-gendered guy. I am active in anti violence work, with a focus on sexual violence and intimate partner violence prevention. I also work to cultivate sex positivity within my communities, and see these two as inherently connected. I think of sex positivity as the acknowledgement that sex is a natural and healthy part of each of our lives. Sexual fulfillment is crucial to each of our health and happiness. Sex can be a venue in which we express our creativity and playfulness as adults. In this blog I hope to explore the links between sex positive and anti violence work. I will also include reviews of sex toys, porn and erotica. I can only speak to my experiences, which hopefully I’ve now given you some insight into, but hope that this can be a welcoming space for folks from a diversity of experiences to share theirs.

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