This Week: When sexual assault matters & more

A New Nursing Home Population: The Young
NPR: “Over the past 20 years, federal laws and policies have established a civil right to get long-term care at home. But NPR’s investigation found that is only sporadically enforced.”

Obama Signs Bill to Pay Black and Native Farmers—Finally!
ColorLines: “The signing of this bill will provide $1.5 billion to settle claims with black farmers and $3.4 billion to settle with Native American farmers.”

Canada military publishes new transgender policy
Pink News: “The policy says they should wear the uniform of their “target” gender but must be given privacy and respect. For example, no reason must be given when a person’s name is changed on military records.”

When Interpol Cares About Sexual Assault:
The Nation: “It seems we only care about women’s bodies when there’s a political point to be proved.”

Matthew Boyle steals from the government to prove that poor people don’t need food
Feministe: “Did you know that you can use food stamps to buy actual food? Thank goodness right-wing investigative “journalists” are on the case.”

San Francisco Transgender Woman Files Claim Against DMV
CBS San Francisco: “A transgender woman says a California Department of Motor Vehicles clerk used a state database to mail her a personal letter at home condemning her sex change.”

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