This Week: Black women and DADT, being an ally, & more

Black Women Win in Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
ColorLines: “A recent report by the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce found that black women often bared the brunt of the military’s harsh standard of secrecy. ”

Strained States Turning to Laws to Curb Labor Unions
New York Times: “State officials from both parties are wrestling with ways to curb the salaries and pensions of government employees, which typically make up a significant percentage of state budgets.”

What I Have Learned About Being an Ally to Native Americans
Native American Resources: “To remember that I still ‘collude’ and that I need to be conscious and intentional in my efforts to be an ally AND that I am a work in progress.”

Today’s Color Line
The Nation: “These figures offer a striking reminder of the almost insuperable barriers that have kept African-Americans from the most powerful offices in the land.”

Adultification and Sexualization of Girls in French Vogue
Sociological Images: “The thing is: the adultification/sexualization of young girls is paralleled by a infantilization of adult women.  This adds up to a conflation of women and children which serves to uphold prejudice against adult women and the exploitation of girls.”

GOP Attack on Health Care Reform Is a Fight Against Racial Justice
Color Lines: “And while it’s a long shot that the GOP’s effort will make it through both houses of Congress…Republicans are already breaking their own promises and potentially putting the lives of millions of poor and uninsured people of color at risk.

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