This Week: Haiti still in peril, women in combat, abortion rates, & more

Year ‘was hell for us’: Will Haiti be rebuilt?
MSNBC: “Despite an outpouring of solidarity for Haiti from around the world, billions of dollars of aid pledges and a huge ongoing humanitarian operation, ordinary Haitians say they are still waiting to see a positive impact in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest state.”

Ban on Women In Combat Is Discriminatory, High Level Military Panel Says
Huffington Post: “A high-level military advisory panel is set to recommend that the armed services overturn its policy barring women from serving in combat roles, a step that would remove a key structural barrier for women trying to advance their military careers.”

US Abortion Rates Stall After Decades of Decline
Feministing: “The article suggests that among other reasons harassment against providers and clients has had a chilling effect on women accessing abortion and even contraceptive services.”

Under Siege in Somalia, a Doctor Holds Her Ground
New York Times: “Hundreds of women from the sprawling refugee camp on Dr. Abdi’s property dared to protest, adding to a flood of condemnation from Somalis abroad that forced the militants to back down.”

Paranoia as Prelude: Conspiracism and the Cost of Political Rage
Tim Wise: “We have surrounded ourselves with amplified noise machines, which pump only those tunes we are already predisposed to hear, and in so doing we make enemies of our brothers and sisters.”

Race Card: The Chinese Parenting Controversy and the Vilification of Mothers of Color
Bitch Magazine: “But rather than debate the pros and cons of Chua’s childrearing strategies, I’d like to examine a major stereotype running through her piece: Mothers of color are cruel. “

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