This Week: The War on Women, Women’s Victories, & more

The Year’s Top 10 Women’s Movement Victories
ColorLines: “In honor of women around around the world, the Global Fund for Women looks back over the past year and celebrates the extraordinary victories by women’s movements around the world.”

Sound-Off: I’d Wished I Had Planned Parenthood
Essence: “The ill-performed procedure led to an infection and I could have died because I bled so much. I kept this a secret from my mother, sisters and friends. I prayed that it would be hidden from God too.”

The New York Times’ Rape Friendly Reporting
Mother Jones: “‘Gang Rape of Schoolgirl, and Arrests, Shake Texas Town,’ the Times article covering the atrocities, is a collection of one perpetrator-excusing, victim-blaming insult after another.”

Human Rights Watch: Mississippi Policies Fuel HIV Epidemic
Huffington Post: “Mississippi has resisted effective approaches to HIV prevention and treatment and instead supported policies that promote stigma and discrimination, fueling one of the nation’s highest AIDS rates, Human Rights Watch said.”

On Being Feminism’s “Ms. Nigga”
Racialicious: “First, the idea that the third wave has mastered inclusion problems is sadly mistaken, since many of us surfing this new wave still see the rehashing that happens time and time again of second wave and first wave problems. However, it is absolutely amazing how often we see the same problems repeat themselves time and time again – particularly in the blogosphere.”

The War on Women’s Futures
The Nation: “These may seem like disparate policy efforts, but they are not. They are the product of the ethnic and economic anxieties of conservative white Americans whose determination to “take our country back” has been a rallying cry since Barack Obama’s election. Women’s bodies and lives are the terrain on which this conservative movement is making its stand.”

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