This Week: The Top 1%, Street Harrassment, & more

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
Vanity Fair: “The top 1 percent have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles, but there is one thing that money doesn’t seem to have bought: an understanding that their fate is bound up with how the other 99 percent live. Throughout history, this is something that the top 1 percent eventually do learn. Too late.”

Kill Me or Leave Me Alone: Street Harassment as a Public Health Issue
Racialicious: “Men, Black men and White men can joke and shit about how Charlie [Sheen] and what not is funny, but as a Black woman, trying to get from point A to point B, who demands to be treated like a human being, violence or the threat of violence is a real part of my day to day existence.”

Wal-Mart v. Women
New York Times: “The employment discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart, which the Supreme Court heard last week, is the largest in American history. If the court rejects this suit, it will send a chilling message that some companies are too big to be held accountable. ”

The Military’s Secret Shame
Newsweek: “But now, as the Pentagon has begun to acknowledge the rampant problem of sexual violence for both genders, men are coming forward in unprecedented numbers, telling their stories and hoping that speaking up will help them, and others, put their lives back together.”

Joe Biden to students: ‘No means no’
Politico: “Alexandra Brodsky, one of the Yale complainants, told POLITICO Biden’s speech reinforced that sexual violence on college campuses is not just a ‘niche interest’ but ‘needs to be a national priority — a mainstream priority.'”

Why I have to legally adopt my own son
Salon: “My wife conceived our son, Julian, through artificial insemination by an anonymous sperm donor. If I were a man, I’d be the legal father already. No one would have cross-examined me or performed a DNA test before allowing me to sign the forms for his birth certificate.”

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