Introductions of the New R/V Staff!

Caroline Biggs is incoming Editor of Commissioning, Outreach and Publicity

Hello!!! I’m Caroline, a second-year Women’s History graduate student getting ready to take on my thesis work next year! Originally from Wichita, Kansas I went to the University of Kansas where I studied Sociology, Women’s Studies, and English Literature and fell in love with feminist theory and activism. After graduating, I moved to Chicago where I ran a women’s clothing boutique in Wicker Park for two years before deciding it was time to return to academia. At SLC, my areas of study have focused on the impact of fashion in the continuum of the Women’s Movement, particularly the feminist resistance against Christian Dior’s New Look in 1947 at the war’s end.

I am so thrilled to be a part of RE/VISIONIST, where I can help continue to bring awareness and exposure to the ongoing feminist discourse happening all around us. Sarah Lawrence is at the heart of so much of the current activism and scholarship that takes place in women’s studies—and I cannot wait to bring attention to all of the diverse aspects of this movement. I am so excited to work with my great friends, Amanda and Katrina, to build upon the great work done by Roz, Nydia, Kate, Victoria, and Thea over the past two years. It is truly an honor to be a part of this legacy. xo


Amanda Seybold is incoming Chief Editor

Hello RE/VISIONIST!  I am so excited, yet somewhat terrified, to be taking the helm of this amazing project!  I know my colleagues and I have some fabulous shoes to fill, but I have no doubt that we will take this project is some new and exciting directions, and we’re beyond stoked to have you along for the ride.

A little bit about me, I grew up in the Midwestern suburbs where moms made cookies and drove carpools and dads drank beer and watched football.  In the September 2003 I began my undergraduate education at Barnard College which truly solidified my commitment to female education.  I’d gone to private all girls’ high school and I knew there was something truly special about that experience that I wanted to maintain during my undergraduate years.   My undergraduate education had the subtle feminist leanings of a general liberal arts education, but my formal training as a historian led me to really delve into the intersectional of race and class, particularly in urban settings.  Since then, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with locating the point at which race and class meet and become one in the same.

In addition to being a graduate student here at Sarah Lawrence, I am also a full-time law student at Pace Law School.  Crazy? Yes.  Worth it? Absolutely.  I’ve spent the better part of this academic year looking at female agency and in particular, the effects that laws banning interracial sexual relationships have had on black female agency.

I can also spend countless hours thinking about the sources that a historian has used and how that has impacted the text, as well as the ways in which societal norms and politics may have influenced both the historian and the author of the primary text on which she is relying.

In real life, I live in Brooklyn, spend a good deal of time cooking family dinners with my roommates and spend hours at a time coming up with new routes to get me from Bronxville to Brooklyn by car.


Katrina Brown is incoming Web Editor

Hello readers of RE/VISIONIST!! I am truly honored to be taking an editorial position for this website, and am beyond thrilled that the two people I will be working with are two of my closest friends in this program. I have felt a tug to the world of online feminist writing for awhile now, as I have realized that keeping the constant feminist/queer/political analysis and dialogue that goes on in my head to myself doesn’t really do much for me or the people around me. It enriches my experience and analysis so much more when I open my mouth and participate in an actual dialogue with other flesh and blood human beings. This is the lesson I am most appreciative of taking away from my years of involvement in the study of social inequality, injustice, oppression and activism.

That said, here I am, both excited and nervous! I feel so thankful for this chance to enter the feminist blogosphere in an editorial position on a team with two people whose intellect and feminism I respect deeply. And I am so thankful, too, for the vision, diligence and dedication of the editors who we are taking over for. Roz, Kate, Nydia, Thea and Victoria have left us a brilliant example of using this space to move the community of ideas and political values from our Women’s History classrooms to the internet world. I think I can accurately speak for all of us when I say we are really overjoyed to have a chance to build on their hard work and investment.

And now some actual details about me! I came to Sarah Lawrence after getting my undergraduate degree in Chinese Language and East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During that time, I also spent an awful lot of time studying different aspects of social justice issues in my honors program, which subsequently prompted me to get a certificate (like a minor) in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender studies. I wrote my senior honors thesis on lesbian community formation in China, but my intellectual interests are quite varied. I have read and written a lot about social justice and mental illness/health (focusing on the DSM), and currently focus my work at Sarah Lawrence on transgender history of the U.S. I spend an inordinate amount of time reading books, news, and blogs and will be using this space (especially over the summer) to start sharing some of my ideas, observations and thoughts more publicly. In the past year I have blogged a bit for the Canonball Blog, which run by my wonderful, brilliant and fierce friends Mia and Lindsay. I cannot say enough about how their words and their commitment to blogging has inspired and challenged me to take my own commitment to feminism to this deeper level.

Caroline, Amanda and I will be posting more about our summer and fall plans soon! I just want to tie this up for now, by saying, again, one huge thank you to the out-going staff for all their hard work, and thank you as well to you, wonderful readers and future contributors, for being along on this ride with us!

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