The Silence in Here is Deafening!

I am so sorry it has been so long, dear readers! I’ve been over here soaking in the summer sun, whittling away my gobs of free time (I wish, haha! Picture a wry, slightly sarcastic face saying that)  wee bits of free time working with my hands rather than my head. It has been a big shift, even from past summers, when I was apt to consume countless books. I have been stretching in new directions: learning bike mechanics, biking long distances, grilling, baking, crocheting, drawing. I hardly recognize myself! It feels good, and even mildly subversive, to be almost completely devoted to physical and creative endeavors. The general modus operandi of my life has been more strictly academics, intellect and book learning for a number of years. What a change this summer has turned out to be!

I am back here now, though, for the duration I believe. We have been collecting some content to publish in the near future that I will begin posting tomorrow morning. The next week and a half or so we will be running a series on feminist firsts. We have some wonderful writers who have written about their own feminist firsts and I trust you will find the pieces inspiring and insightful.

In the mean time, I’m going to sit down and begin actually writing through some of my own feminist observations from this past quiet month of my new ways of being, to share with you.

Thanks for sticking with us in these lazy summer days.

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