Weekly Feminist Smorgasbord

Where re/visionist helps you to sample some feminist food-for-thought from around the blogosphere!

Heinous t-shirt slogans for girls. via sfgate.com
  • Colorlines’ Akiba Solomon reveals how anti-choice “Personhood Mississippi” is telling their own–wrong–version of the Dred Scott decision of 1857 in order to further their racist and misogynist cause. Somebody needs a serious history class.
  • Bilerico has compiled the Top 50 developments in trans law this year–including anti-bullying legislation, marriage equality in NY!, and more comprehensive health care services.
  • The always-brilliant Katha Pollitt at The Nation reminds us that we need to be talking about the poor and revisiting the failures of welfare reform in the 90s. She radically proposes:

Could it be that the chief outcome of welfare reform was to take poor women off the table completely? Now that they are less often seen as monstrous stereotypes—welfare queens, mothers of eight, teenagers having a baby to get a free apartment—they are of no interest at all.

Bachmann has made a point of lavishly describing how innocent the little girls are who are being subjected to the big scary sex shots that are being forced—forced, I tell you!—into their delicate, youthful bodies. You thought you were just taking your daughter in to get another vaccination, you know, but as soon as you walk in the office, the doors lock behind you, the “bump chicka bow wow” music begins, and Humbert Humbert appears from around the corner, leering at your innocent child and brandishing that “government shot.”

What are you reading this week?

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