Happy Thanksgiving!

The OWS kitchen group at Zuccotti Park will be serving over 3000 Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow.

Although the smorgasbord is on break this week, here are a couple of articles for Thanksgiving preparation: how to talk to your relatives about feminism, anti-racism, and other related subjects.

Planned Parenthood has some tips on how to have a conversation, not a shouting match, with your anti-choice family member(s).

Colorlines aptly notes that it is certain folks’ privilege that allows them to “avoid” certain topics at the family dinner table:

If you identity with the ubiquitous 99 percent, you’ve probably come to realize that you’re not well served by all the silence. In fact, this Thanksgiving, you may actually want to ruffle a few feathers. Or at least, not let anyone ruffle yours and get away with it.

Read their guide to rewriting the etiquette on discussing race this Thanksgiving.

I know I personally am grateful for feminism this holiday; thanks to our foremothers, the women AND men in my family will be contributing to our big Thanksgiving meal–and they’ll both be doing the dishes. Woot!

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