intercontinental musings x kelly banbury

{Kelly Banbury is a visualist, culturalist, and globe-trotter. She shares personal photos from her side of the world exclusively for RE/VISIONIST every month.}  

{Via Recreativa Guadalajara, Mexico/ Un Domingo Pasado}
Every Sunday in Guadalajara, Mexico, miles of its normally hectic streets take a time out from motor vehicles and let pedestrians roam free. Locals hit the streets jogging, walking, cycling and skating through the entire city and surrounding suburbs. You can also find a range of other cultural and recreational activities along the via in parks and in front of shops, including hula groups, salsa classes, capoeira, chess and aerobics.

{Olympiapark, Munich}
Home to the ill-fated 1972 Olympics, Olympiapark is one of the most interesting sites in Munich. The facilities, which look like the utopian future through the eyes of a 1970s sci-fi fan, are breathtaking. And it’s no wonder that leading up to the games Munich was abuzz with Olympic fever and optimism. The event had been coined “The Happy Games” by organizers, likely in an attempt to lift the shadow still looming from the 1936 Olympics hosted by Nazi Germany in Berlin. These games would turn out to be anything but happy, however, as on September 5th a group of Palestinian terrorists took hostage and ultimately killed eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team. Five of the eight hostage takers and one police officer were also killed during the massacre that would overshadow all other events of the 1972 Olympics.


{Olympic Stadium, Olympiapark Munich}

{Schwimmhalle, Olympiapark Munich}



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