Q & A with SLC MFA Student & Professor, Jamie Agnello & Greta Minsky, Co-Directing “MIXED RELIEF”

Re/visionist asked a few questions of Jamie Agnello, an MFA candidate in both SLC’s Theatre and Poetry programs, and Greta Minsky, her co-director, a professor in the Theatre program and MA candidate in the Women’s History program.

R/V: Tell us about your project.

J & G: MIXED RELIEF will be a glimpse of some great women writers, directors, and actors. You might pick up a few survival tips. The reading features the work of Jamie Agnello, Nehprii Amenii, Naché Buie, Karen Cellini, Jesse Freedman, Daniel Glenn, Dave McRee, Cassandra Medley, Greta Minsky, Roxy MtJoy, Erica Newhouse, Kat Norcutt, Julianna Rusakiewicz, Fanchon Scheier, and Pamela Sneed.

R/V: The title of the 2012 Women’s History Conference is Women, the Arts, and Activism. In what ways does the play shed light on these themes?

J & G: Women in the arts are still scrounging.  MIXED RELIEF explores the struggles that women faced in the 1930s and still face today.

R/V: How did you stumble upon this play, and what inspired you to co-direct a reading of it?

J & G: Pure chance.  While looking for material that spoke to the ongoing challenges that women art workers face, we found this play written for SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day.

R/V: Each of you are scholars of the theatre. In your views, what is the importance of theatre for improving and empowering women’s lives today?

J & G: We think women artists should heed the advice of Jackie “Moms” Mabley when facing the future: “Duck!”

This reading of MIXED RELIEF is on Saturday, March 3 at 2:45 in the Donnelley Theatre in Heimbold Visual Arts Center.

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