Welcome to the ELECTION Issue!

Welcome to this month’s Re/Visionist! To tell you the theme of this issue, I’ve invited a very special guest.

This empty chair:

Chair, I mean, invisible President Obama, what is the theme of this month’s issue?

What’s that, chair? “Kill everyone,” you say? And raise taxes?

No, chair, you crack me up. The theme of this month’s issue is:


How very topical of us.

The Re/Visionist team has come up with some great articles on women and elections (past and present) that I guarantee will not make you want to drive a railroad spike through your head. Sure, that’s a low bar, you might say, but I’d say it still beats about 80 percent of the election coverage I’ve seen thus far!

We have some pieces from a variety of Sarah Lawrence College students and faculty about women in elections.

  • Program Director Rona Holub writes a short piece about a topic close to her heart, the War on Women.
  • Emilie Egger has a piece clarifying how new voter-ID laws hurt women and transgender people.
  • Emma Staffaroni provides a thoughtful piece about how health care reform helps women in all stages of life.
  • Sian Leach takes us back to early America when coverture laws, meant to help women, helped silence their voices.
  • Marion Sader has a short biography of Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for president, who did so before women could vote.
  • Brittany Chevalier describes her experience working for the Women’s Campaign Fund in Washington DC this summer–and tells you how to get involved!
  • And for political elections outside the US, an interview with Heba Naguib provides an insider perspective of the Egyptian revolution.
  • And, keeping it classy as always, I have a bit of a rant about sex scandals.

Remember to vote everybody, and thanks for checking out this issue!


Katy Gehred
Co-editor, Revisionist

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