Deck the halls with gender stereotypes, fa la la la laaaa, la la la la! Have you experienced the following exchange during the commercial break of a recent sports event or new episode? You: Oh. My. God. Are they @#$%*&@$ serious. TV-watching partner: What? What is it? You: Seriously? Ser– no, seriously? Are they? What the @$%%$#$%$#%!!!!!! If this sounds familiar, you may be eligible … Continue reading RE/VISIONIST HOLIDAY AD CONTEST!

An Introduction to Fat Positivity

by Kathryn Gehred If you listen to NPR, or watch the news, you’ve probably heard of the Obesity Epidemic currently plaguing the United States. You know the news stories, the ones where they surreptitiously film fat people walking down the street and play ominous music, but it’s OK because they never show the people’s faces. Here’s NPR’s take on the epidemic.  “Four out of 10 … Continue reading An Introduction to Fat Positivity

Beyond “Love Your Body Week”: Can Feminisms Truly Address the Epidemic of Body Hatred?

By Emma Staffaroni “Whenever woman’s spirit has been threatened, she has taken the control of her body as an avenue of self-expression. The anorectic refusal of food is only the latest in a series of woman’s attempts at self-assertion which at some point have descended directly upon her body. If woman’s body is the site of her protest, then equally the body is the ground on which the … Continue reading Beyond “Love Your Body Week”: Can Feminisms Truly Address the Epidemic of Body Hatred?

Cultural Imperialism and Body Image in Georgia

by Emilie Egger Travels throughout other parts of the world have enlightened me to the fact that America’s body neuroses are spreading with our culture and economic exploitation. After college, I spent several months teaching English in Georgia. Georgia is a country on the border of Asia and Europe, whose culture reflects influences from both; centuries of invasions and occupations have added layers to its … Continue reading Cultural Imperialism and Body Image in Georgia

Shifting Ideals of Beauty: A Visual Essay

This visual essay is excerpted from a paper by Brittany Chevalier. This visual essay examines the historical trend of American women’s empowerment, their body image, and how the media, who is ultimately run by the patriarchy, enforces the standards of beauty in culture. While women have experienced a sense of political, social and economic freedom in the public sphere over the past fifty years, they are still held … Continue reading Shifting Ideals of Beauty: A Visual Essay

Welcome to the WOMEN, GENDER, & BODIES Issue!

Dear Re/visioners, Welcome to the November issue of R/V: Women, Gender, and Bodies. 2013 will mark the auspicious 40th anniversary of Our Bodies, Ourselves, that bible of feminist embodiment without which no woman’s library is complete. The first of its kind, this resource covered everything from identity, reproductive health, and puberty, to sex, menopause, and the health care system. When Boston feminist health advocates wrote and … Continue reading Welcome to the WOMEN, GENDER, & BODIES Issue!

Get Me Bodied

by Victoria McCall “Arguably, we are more in touch with our bodies than ever before. But at the same time, they become alienated products, texts of our own creative making, from which we maintain a strange and ironic detachment.” –Susan Bordo I hated my body. A firm believer in the body as a site of struggle and resistance, I hated the projection of femininity my body exuded. … Continue reading Get Me Bodied