Deck the halls with gender stereotypes, fa la la la laaaa, la la la la!

Have you experienced the following exchange during the commercial break of a recent sports event or new episode?

You: Oh. My. God. Are they @#$%*&@$ serious.

TV-watching partner: What? What is it?

You: Seriously? Ser– no, seriously? Are they? What the @$%%$#$%$#%!!!!!!

If this sounds familiar, you may be eligible to win Re/visionist’s First Annual Holiday Ad Contest!

Tis the season, and with it comes a slough of misogyny, racism, and general stereotyping in advertisements. Why? Well, because if we are too comfortable with our gender/race/class/sexuality, WE MIGHT NOT SPEND ANY MONEY.

Hence, in order to stay sane, the Re/visionist team has decided to ask all of you for unpleasant, uncouth, and uncool holiday-themed ads, be they print or video. Please submit the ad via email to With it please include a short blurb analyzing the stereotyped, hurtful, degrading, and/or problematic portrayal of gender, sex, race, class, and/or sexuality. (We’re leaving it pretty wide open here.) Deadline: December 7th, 2012.

In 2009, this body spray ad baffled us in the feminist community. As someone at Bitch magazine commented, it could be an ad for pepper spray and they wouldn’t have to change a thing.

The TOP 10 BEST (or shall we say, worst) will be selected and posted on the blog on the last day of Hannukah, December 16, 2012, just when you’ve had it up to your nose. For their insightful analyses, winners will also receive a small but special token of our feminist admiration, courtesy of their favorite women’s history grad students.

For inspiration, we invite you to check out Bitch Magazine’s examples from their recent post, “It’s the Most Terrible Time of the Year: Offensive Holiday Ad Showdown!”

It’s the most powerful antidote to insensitive advertising: sharp feminist criticism.

Also, stay tuned for the December/January Issue of R/V, coming next month!


The Editorial Team

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