Letter from the Editor

Welcome back! This post marks the beginning of another year of the Revisionist blog. As the blog’s new lead editor, I wanted to take some time to re-introduce myself and share with our readers a bit about the new Revisionist staff and the plans we have for the coming months.Revisionist photo

My name is Jackie Collens, and I am a second year student in the Women’s History program at Sarah Lawrence College. I worked on the blog last year as a writer and assistant editor and this year I have taken on the role of lead editor, and teamed up with a group of fellow students I am very excited for to be working with.

Anita Botello Santoyo, a fellow second year in the program, has joined the team as our content editor, in charge of communicating with prospective contributors and spreading the word about the blog. Two new assistant editors, Emily Parker and Rachel Williams, also join us this year. Emily and Rachel are both members of the first class of students in our program’s new accelerated degree option. Be on the lookout for their first blog post coming soon!

One of our main goals is to bring our readers as much quality content as possible over the course of the school year. We plan to feature essays, articles, interviews, creative writing, poetry, visual art, and much more from contributors from the Sarah Lawrence community and beyond. We will also be sure to keep you updated about any events going on in relation to the Women’s History program.

On that note, we are currently accepting submissions, and we want to hear from you! If you would like your work to be featured on Revisionist, please send your idea or full piece for consideration to Revisionist@gm.slc.edu. Submissions received by the third Saturday of each month will be considered for posting as part of the following month’s issue, except for in cases of content related to current events that require more immediate attention. Please feel free to contact us as well with any questions or general feedback. We’d love to know how you feel about what we’re doing, or if there is anything you’d like to see from us in the future.

On behalf of the entire Revisionist staff, I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog and see what we’re up to. We hope that you’ll stick around and see what we have in store for you soon!

Jackie Collens is a graduate student in the Women’s History master’s program at Sarah Lawrence College. Before moving to the east coast, she completed her undergraduate work in History and Women and Gender Studies at Arizona State University. She is currently working on her master’s thesis, but in her spare time she likes drawing, watching movies, wandering around Homegoods for hours at a time, hanging out with her cats, and sometimes hanging out with other people, too.

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