My Mom Made Me Feminist: A Thank You Note of Sorts

By Rachael Nuckles When I imagined my first year of graduate school at Sarah Lawrence College, I pictured myself finishing it out in my apartment in New York, going on my regular coffee date with a friend from the cohort to work on our papers, and citing all of my wonderful findings from the Riot Grrrl Archive at NYU. I packed a bag for a … Continue reading My Mom Made Me Feminist: A Thank You Note of Sorts

Lessons from Post-Soviet Motherhood

By Katya Mushik I am the first-generation daughter of a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant. There are many lessons I’ve painstakingly had to learn of what Post-Soviet motherhood is really like. Lesson one: don’t date Slavic men. One evening in Ukraine, I walked into a modern, multi-colored apartment with my mother. We’re in Obolon, the upper echelons of Post-Soviet suburbia. For the first time, I meet my … Continue reading Lessons from Post-Soviet Motherhood

A Uterus That Wants to Share

My grandmother tells me that when you’re pregnant, your children, and the eggs of your grandchildren are grown within you. The future of the future. When I’m pregnant, I’m pretty sure I won’t want to think about eggs. But if I do, I’ll ask the great-great grandmother of those eggs within me, my grandmother, how she did it. How did she keep her uterus healthy … Continue reading A Uterus That Wants to Share