“90’s Love,” “Love Washed in Rainbow and Sunshine,” and “Liberation of Mind, The Rise of Consciousness and Destruction of Racism”

By Christina Parker

90’s Love 

I want to be the Timmy to your Fairy Odd Parents, 

The Wild to Your Thornberry, 

The Jimmy to your Neutron, 

The Danny to your Phantom, 

I’m not promising a fairytale ending, 

An All That Show with a Kenan and Kel flow, 

I’m not That’s So Raven but my future is dim without you. 

Who loves you? 

Christina loves you! 

I do, I do, I do-ohhhhh

Type of 90’s I love you, 

I need you, 

I want you,💕 

I replaced orange soda with your fragrance. 

I became addicted like sandboxes, playgrounds, and jungle gyms,

Type of addiction. 

Out of the box, 

As I beat around. 

Trying to find clues to where you are because, without you, my red heart turns blue. 

No blues clues, 

Type of addiction 

Searching for you in every happy meal. 

You’re the rare Tommy watch I never found under my French fries. 

You’re the spy to my kids. 

The cap to my lid. 

The joy to this big kid. 

The “Your Great” to my Frosted Flakes. 

The silly rabbit tricks are for kids, 

You made this rug rat all grown up. 

90’s love!

You are my 90 degrees. 

The beauty of my beast. 

The teacup to my kennel. 

The 99 to my 1 cent. 

You complete me

90’s Love!

Love Washed in Rainbow and Sunshine

She loves in rainbows, 

her skittles display her humor, 

She’s afraid, 

Confused by the love she gave, 

Hopping her Christan parents don’t take her being gay as an abomination, 

Hoping her father don’t drag her in front of the congregation and force her to repent,

what he thinks is a sin, 

She just wants to love without fear……


Rubbles at her rainbow necklace, 

They found all her hidden messages before she could find the words to say it. 

Abandoned and contemplating murder, 

The murder of self because they stole her freedom to love, 


 the love she thought they gave is now barred in a grave. 

To love or be saved? 

Today we celebrate those who love brave, 

Love outside of broken family relationships, 

Love despite the love equaling society attacks and disgust, 

Love  when times get rough, 

Love even if that means losing others love,

We celebrate Love!

Liberation of Mind, The Rise of Consciousness and Destruction of Racism: Series 1

Dear Jake’s of the word similar to Karen 

But mixed with toxic masculinity and the ultimate amount of privilege!

Honestly, I’m just tired, 

Why are people so pressed about looting but silent about the series of events? 

Under comments using their education to ignore their privilege, 

Suggesting peace as if “we” haven’t done that, 

as if “we” don’t want that.

Here we go… 

judging as if death and injustice visits you at night, 

As if poverty lines your pockets, 

As if humanity is deleted based off your melanin, 

As if access was oppressed, 

As if your murder is being filmed for you to witness their killings and exoneration, 

Here we go… 

You put more energy into the reaction of pain then you do the cause of it, 

Ignoring its root to focus on the loot, 

Capitalistic mindset ingrained in white men to protect their assets, 

Money over our blackness, 

The British Tea Party would never have the same outcome if their skin was shaded, 

Your foundation is soiled with the bodies of peaceful revolutions, 

Martin Luther King keeps getting brought into the mix, 

As if we know that peace wouldn’t turn into Malcolm X after years of being met with disturbance, 

I get it, 

We are judging a community, 

Stricken by poverty, 

Beaten with violence, 

Stricken with pain, 

Given centuries of denial to opportunities and for someone with “privilege” you can’t comprehend it, 

You’d call up your representative, 

Yell in the police face and demand change without breaking anything. 

You’d use your access, privilege, whiteness, and protection to inspire change, 

But peaceful or violent we will still leave in chains without the change, 

So much judging for the less fortunate but not enough empathy, solidarity, love, support, help, or advocacy. 

Your focus on the looting and not the murders is the problem. 

You put so much energy into talking about “wrong is wrong” but ignore the “wrongdoings of police brutality” 

Some of yawl are only mentioning the destruction of business but quiet while we are dying… 

I’m not saying your racist just “privileged” which is the brother of “ignorance” and uncle to “racist” 

Take it how you want to take it!

You’re the sibling of injustice, 

A child of “hate” and “enabling” 

You’re the uncle to the “problem” 

and for my black people who have similar mindsets, your just the byproduct of enslavement 

Your  body is free but your mind is trapped, 

Escape! so your thoughts aren’t solely focused on destruction and grow into empathy for your people who are hurting, 

We are in the midst of a revolution during a Economical decline, 

Over 3 million jobs lost, 

COVID-19 has reduced access to buses, grocery stores, and the ability to live, 

It was a struggle then and even more now, 

The looting is a deep-rooted result of  racist policies, 

Food deserts rumble the stomach of the poor, 

The sick are stilling medicine, 

Families shoes,

The youth taking stuff to flip so they can help mamma pay her rent, 

Blacks have the highest property rate at over 27% 

And you’re judging while you sitting pretty at 10 percent and you’re the majority group, 

Make it make sense, 

There is a rise of peaceful protest, 

An opportunity has lead to looting because polices line their neighborhoods with red, 

Their access to resources is dead at arrival, 

The revival of opportunity has arisen in an attempt to avoid homelessness that has been masked with peaceful protest.

Don’t get it twisted the stealing is based on need not the results of protest. 

Stop merging the to, 

Vocal about looting but silent about the murder, 

When one has nothing to do with others, 

I’m tired of your pointless  logic, 

Please just stop talking? 

Posting as if you have any idea, 

You don’t have a clue Jake, Kayla, Blanca, Edward Senior the 3rd, 

Stop posting your articles that incite fake news, 

You’re the problem too, White, Black, brown or blue if you continue to push false narratives with  unsolicited articles you probably didn’t read outside of its caption and first line or two, 

If the shoe fits then yes I’m speaking to you! 

I don’t care about your ethnicity ignorance and racism doesn’t only attach to nude. 

Here is some food for thought, 

Let’s raise consciousness and not robots 



Christina is an alum of California State University San Bernardino where ze received zir degree in Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture with a minor in Political Science. Ze spends zir free time inspiring others through art on zir Darkened Artistry Youtube Channel. Christina is dedicated to educating and supporting foster youth and child welfare professionals on foster youth needs, rights, and best practices.

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