Black Lives Matter

On Thursday, in response to the results of the presidential election, SLC raised this banner proclaiming “Black Lives Matter” on the front of the Performing Arts Center. Students, faculty, and staff gathered outside to bear witness, to listen, and to speak their response to the monumental decision to elect Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency. Did you attend this gathering? Do you have a response … Continue reading Black Lives Matter

On Election Day: Presidents & Prime Ministers in the Database

Today, we have a crucial U.S. presidential election, which could choose the country’s first woman president. I thought I would find out how women who are heads of government have fared—not in elections but in the databases. Which leaders are being studied? Who has piqued the interest of scholars so far? Where are opportunities for new research? The most relevant database for this query seemed … Continue reading On Election Day: Presidents & Prime Ministers in the Database

The Conversation in the Classroom

Recently, one of our SLC undergraduate classmates wrote an interesting piece for Even If Your Voice Shakes, the blog created by the Diversity and Activism Programming Subcommittee (DAPS) of Student Life. In “Can I Speak?” (10/17/16), Lizza Rodriguez ’17 invited us to think about our classroom experience and make change:          It is clear to everyone who considers themselves members of this campus          community … Continue reading The Conversation in the Classroom

Write for Re/Visionist!

Are you interested in writing about women’s history? Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to attend a (second) brainstorming meeting about the SLC Women’s History Program’s blog. Thursday, October 20, 2016 5:30PM – 6:15PM Slonim Library Classroom This meeting gives you an opportunity to share the topics about which you’d like to read and to indicate if you have an interest in writing for or … Continue reading Write for Re/Visionist!

It’s On Us – National Fall Week of Action

I came across the activities of a new student activist group, which may be of interest to the readers of Re/Visionist. It’s On Us is not the first student undertaking to combat sexual violence on campus but is part of a legacy of women’s rights activism at colleges and universities. I will cover past SLC campus advocacy and education on the topic in the near … Continue reading It’s On Us – National Fall Week of Action

Get involved! Re/Visionist 2016-17

Hello, readers! If you’re a current student at SLC, you have gotten well into the swing of things for the 2016-2017 school year. Yet, there are still new opportunities for getting involved in campus life! I have recently started as editor of Re/Visionist, and I am looking for other SLC students who are interested in contributing. As a contributor to the blog, you can be … Continue reading Get involved! Re/Visionist 2016-17