#MeToo & the Medical Field

Written by Kendal Flowerdew Kendal is a Senior at Sarah Lawrence College and will graduate in May, 2019 The Me Too Movement was founded in 2006 by Tarana Burke in an effort to support young women of color who were survivors of sexual violence. As the movement gained momentum, they expanded their mission to support adults and people across the gender spectrum. In 2017, the Me … Continue reading #MeToo & the Medical Field

Welcome to the Feminism and Mental Health Issue!

Dear Readers, Feminism is an essential aspect to many realms of women’s mental health–validating the taxing experiences of all women (and all others who are oppressed by patriarchy), pushing back against the the assumptions that women are ruled by their emotions, encouraging the pursuit of fulfilling lives, and in countless other ways. Our January issue features discussions of diverse intersections of mental health and feminism, … Continue reading Welcome to the Feminism and Mental Health Issue!

The Evolving Identity of Manuela Saenz

by Maria L. Vallejo-Nguyen Manuela Saenz (1797-1856) wrote in her journal that “history was supposed to be made, not told.” She wrote this to express the general frustration she experienced while in exile, as well as her inability to exert political influence. It also expressed how she wanted to live her life – in the public sphere. It was her participation in the male political sphere … Continue reading The Evolving Identity of Manuela Saenz