For the Record x Emma Staffaroni

By Emma Staffaroni The Women Who Endure: Long-Distance Racers Find Personal and Community Empowerment A September, 1975 New York Times headline reads: “Women Marathon Runners Are Racing to Equality with Men.” Featuring the story of Kim Merritt, the women’s winner of the 6th annual New York Marathon that year, the journalist, Steve Cady, places Merritt’s story in the context of the turbulent women’s liberation movement … Continue reading For the Record x Emma Staffaroni

I Love That You Hate Me for Being a Cheerleader by Brianna Leone

{Brianna Leone is a 2nd year graduate student at Sarah Lawrence College. Her favorite method of procrastination is to find new television obsessions in which she invests too much of herself. She is hoping that someone will enable her television addiction with related employment after her graduation in May.}    Confession: I was a high school cheerleader. This is not how I imagined introducing myself … Continue reading I Love That You Hate Me for Being a Cheerleader by Brianna Leone

Ten Questions

{This month features Carolyn Miles, the Director of Physical Education and Athletics at Sarah Lawrence College. In addition to being an avid rower, swimmer, and skier–as well as a native New Yorker–she earned her Master’s of Science degree in Applied Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University in 2006.} Describe yourself in one word. Determined.  To date, what do you consider your greatest accomplishment? My son … Continue reading Ten Questions

Screw You, Tim Tebow: Thoughts from a Feminist Sports Fan

{Katy Gehred is a first-year graduate student in Women’s History at Sarah Lawrence College. Originally from Dayton, Ohio; she is currently researching gender in early-America.} Prior to the Broncos/Steelers game of January 8, one of my friends posted a Facebook status which read something along the lines of: “Well, one of them will rape you and the other won’t let you get an abortion.” I’m … Continue reading Screw You, Tim Tebow: Thoughts from a Feminist Sports Fan

intercontinental musings x kelly banbury

{Kelly Banbury is a visualist, culturalist, and globe-trotter. She shares personal photos from her side of the world exclusively for RE/VISIONIST every month.}   {Via Recreativa Guadalajara, Mexico/ Un Domingo Pasado} Every Sunday in Guadalajara, Mexico, miles of its normally hectic streets take a time out from motor vehicles and let pedestrians roam free. Locals hit the streets jogging, walking, cycling and skating through the entire … Continue reading intercontinental musings x kelly banbury


John Walker is a Sarah Lawrence graduate who really likes the internet a lot. So, sports. Yeah, so, bring a book. I was gonna write something that would oh-so-subtly lead you from the theme of sports to the actual subject of my post: halftime shows. Then, I realized that I was really down to the wire in getting this piece in. Ok, so whatever, I … Continue reading LEMME TELL YA ‘BOUT SPORTS