Practical Applications of Historical Knowledge

This portion of the RE/Visionist website is devoted to the work produced by the students of Sarah Lawrence College’s Womxn’s History graduate program, focusing on practical applications of historical knowledge.  Their work is produced through the program’s accelerated degree option, which aims to apply the study of womxn’s history to issues of gender policy and advocacy.  The papers found here will serve a variety of purposes, such as assessing museum exhibits, analyzing historical assumptions that underlie policy initiatives or pieces of legislation, or evaluating websites that provide resources for history teachers.

Emily Parker and Rachel Williams, ’16, reflect on their first experiences as students of the accelerated degree option.  10-13-2015

Rachel Williams, ’16, discusses the impact of The Dinner Party, a feminist art piece by Judy Chicago.

Emily Parker, ’16, examines sex worker organizations in the Netherlands, India, and the United States. Usable Past – Prostitution Organizations

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