Heterosexism, Sex & Sexuality: A Conversation about Black Male Privilege

On Wednesday, November 3 Steven G. Fullwood, project director of the Black Gay & Lesbian Archive Project, will engage Jewel Woods, author of The Black Male Privileges Checklist, in a discussion about, you guessed it, black male privilege.

Jewel Woods

Woods, the founder and director of the Renaissance Male Project, an organization committed to building a community of practice around men’s issue while addressing intimate partner violence and sexual violence against women, has committed his life to pursuing “the paradox of men’s lives.”  On his Web site, Wood asserts that examining black male privileges offers black men and boys an opportunity to go beyond old arguments of “personal responsibility” or “blaming the man” to gain a deeper level of insight into how issues of class and race are influenced by gender. According the Woods, The Black Male Privileges Checklist can be applied to all men. However, because of the specific privileges that black men have in relationship to black women, there are specific items that apply only to black men.

The event, which is hosted  by the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, is free and open to the public. For more information visit the Schomburg Center’s public programming schedule here. For more information about Jewel Woods and the Renaissance Male Project visit here and here.

-Nydia Swaby