Making History in Egypt

Protest turned to celebration today in Egypt with the announcement of Mubarak’s immediate resignation after nearly thirty years of rule.  The people have triumphed, and Egypt will never be the same.  Be sure to check out Al Jazeera English’s live stream of continued coverage here. Also, take a look at some on-the-ground reporting and analysis this week from young bloggers.  Thanks to 1st year women’s … Continue reading Making History in Egypt

Democracy Now: Live From the Egyptian Revolution

Here’s an excerpt of a powerful account of the revolution in Egypt from the senior producer of Democracy Now, Sharif Abdel Kouddous: At one point, a rumor spread through Tahrir Square that Mubarak had fled the country. A massive cheer rippled through the crowd. People began jumping up and down in joy. One man wept uncontrollably. When it turned out not to be true, the … Continue reading Democracy Now: Live From the Egyptian Revolution