In Canada: City’s anti-racism campaign fights ‘white privilege’

This article was originally posted by Richard Liebrecht of the Edmonton Sun.

“A white person looking for an apartment to rent does not face similar challenges that an aboriginal person does,” said Coun. Amarjeet Sohi, explaining what is meant by the phrase white privilege.

But Ryan Hastman, the federal Conservative candidate for the Edmonton-Strathcona, said he’s concerned because the campaign’s focus on white people is too narrow.

“If we try to address these issues by singling out groups, it seems to be counterproductive,” said Hastman, who posted some of his concerns on Twitter.

The City of Edmonton and 13 Edmonton organizations – including the Edmonton Police Service, Alberta Human Rights Commission and Edmonton Catholic Schools – are behind the Racism-Free Edmonton campaign.

The campaign is focused on identifying and resolving institutional barriers faced by aboriginal people and other racial groups in Edmonton, according to a City of Edmonton release.

The campaign aims to have 30,000 Edmontonians sign a scroll committing to defeating racism locally.

On the campaign’s website,, under the “What can you do to stop racism” heading, the first line reads “acknowledge your white privilege.”

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Post-Election Roundup

It’s been a long and disheartening election season.  Before the race to the presidency begins, let us reflect on some of the more significant aspects of yesterday’s vote and how the candidates got there.


Not a term to be tossed around lightly.  Sadly, when it comes down to many Republican candidates this year, this term represents their campaign strategies all too accurately.

ColorLines: The Most Racist Campaign in Decades and What It Demands of Us by Rinku Sen

During the California primary, three Republican gubernatorial candidates pinned all their hopes on vilifying Latino immigrants as criminals. Republican congressional candidates forced the nation into weeks of silly debate about the Park 51 project. They equated Islam with violence and questioned the patriotism of all Muslim Americans, helping to fuel a rash of attacks on mosques nationwide and a threatened Quran burning that spiraled into an international crisis. South Asian Americans Leading Together released a report this week documenting dozens of horrible statements attacking South Asian candidates. South Carolina State Sen. Jake Knotts called Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley “[a] fucking raghead,” adding, “[w]e got a raghead in Washington; we don’t need one in South Carolina.”

Salon: Presenting the Baitys by Alex Pareene

Are you scared of gang-banging Mexican illegals? Islamic sleeper cell jihadists? Chinese people? Then this was the election cycle for you! From the primaries through the week before election day, America’s been blanketed with race-baiting political campaign ads from insufficiently guarded border to shining sea. Today’s the day when those countless hours spent by soulless political consultants poring over stock images of young Latino men looking for the shot that screams “about to kidnap your daughter” pays off. (Election day, historically, is also that day.) We’re proud to present the first annual Salon Baity Awards for Excellence in the Field of Race-baiting. Continue reading