Loey and Emma are Friends and the Lesbian Agenda

by Minna Nizam They keep their friendship private They don’t know how to hide it Are they friends? Or is it simply a crush? Will they ever reveal their friendship too much? In what capacity is their friendship? Love? Lust? Familiar? What does their friendship entail? Forbidden to an extent Yet the secret is there Society’s standards of women loving women  Are more accepting today, … Continue reading Loey and Emma are Friends and the Lesbian Agenda

I will not cry again

by Zuzanna Pawlowska I know I promised you I won’t cry againThat I will be strongThat I will fightThat I will embrace the painBut then you had to die againYou had to have your rights taken away againThey called you a human incubator againReduced your life to producing childrenTook away your humanity,They tried to make you invisible againAnd then you fled again, escaping pain, seeking … Continue reading I will not cry again