“The Pill” Turns 50

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the FDA’s approval of birth control. When I saw this pop up in my Washington Post newsfeed I couldn’t help but think “what a strange coincidence that birth control’s 50th anniversary falls on Mother’s Day.”

On Friday CNN online posted a collection of essays written by Nell Painter, African American Studies historian and author of the #1 book on my summer reading list The History of White People, Letty Cottin Pogrebin founding editor of Ms. Magazine and the founder of National Women’s Political Caucus, Claudia Goldin economic historian and director of the Development of the American Economy program at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and feminist writer – lecturer  Rebecca Walker, who happens to be the daughter of SLC alum Alice Walker, among others.

Check out the CNN article here. It’s a fascinating read that offers different perspectives from women and men (one man to be exact) about the affect “The Pill” has had on American society and culture.

– Nydia Swaby